Kirke Mechem

mixed chorus, shorter works
(Many shorter pieces are to be found as parts of “extended works”)

secular, a cappella

ISLAND IN SPACE. SSAATB 7’. G. Schirmer. Pacific Chorale
An astronaut’s view of the earth.

Italian musical terms, humorously set to the music they describe.

TIME. 5+’. G. Schirmer. Bethany College Choir
Lines found on an old bell in Chester, England; barit. solo.

THE WORLD IS TOO MUCH WITH US. 7’. G. Schirmer. Santa Fe Chorale
Wordsworth’s powerful lament for the loss of Nature

secular, accompanied

LAS AMERICAS UNIDAS. 6’. G. Schirmer. SF Cham. Sngrs., Boys of SF Bay
Sopr. solo, SATB & Children’s 2-part chorus. English & Spanish.
2 trumpets, glockenspiel, organ, contrabass.
Alternate version: sopr. solo, SATB, pno. (SA & glock. optional).

BLOW YE THE TRUMPET. 6’. G. Schirmer. Cabrillo Symphonic Chorus
From the opera John Brown. Octavo version, piano or orchestra.

DAN-U-EL. 5’. G. Schirmer. Wayne Shepperd, Santa Cruz Symphony
From the opera John Brown. Octavo version, piano or orchestra.

THE LIGHTHEARTED LOVERS. 4’. G. Schirmer. SF Chamber Singers
Boys vs. girls. Based on “Fair Robin” from the opera Tartuffe. Piano.

LYDIA’S ROMANCE. 4’. G. Schirmer. SF Lyric Chorus
Based on a duet from the opera The Rivals. Piano.

THE SHEPHERD AND HIS LOVE. 8’. G. Schirmer. Stanford Chorus
SSATBB. Piano, piccolo, viola. Text is a dialogue to poems by
Marlowe (“Come Live with Me”) and Sir Walter Raleigh
(“The Nymph’s Reply”)

TO MUSIC. 8’. G. Schirmer. San Francisco Lyric Chorus
Organ or piano. Various texts: Bible, Shakespeare,
Beethoven, Plato, Nietzsche, etc.